Thursday, 1 March 2007

Piccies from Japan and Freaking out with SAS

Home again, safe but not particularly sound of mind. Can't sleep as still on Tokyo time so thought I would pass the night by messing about with piccies. Here goes:
Jack under Mount Fuji.

Deserted road above the Fourth
Station on Fuji. Still some way to go before we started our descent.

Trustingly following Jack down the side of Fuji.

I think this notice says something about beware of bears and do not feed them as these animals can bite.

Birdies for Maalie.

Jack, Miki and Allan and Allan wearing Fair Trader's towel

Ichiro lovingly caressing his Christmas Pud. Lorenzo showing off. Jack about to show off full pelt down the run. Ichiro, Hiromi, Jack and Lorenzo.

The 'bloody great eel'

Two Bullet Trains kissing.

Another one of Allan.

On my next posting I'll put some architectural delights, like maybe the 100 yen shop, the Hoya version of Cheeky Normans, and the Hoya version of Netto as well as some more traditional Japanese buildings.

Had a horrendous journey back from Japan. Got to Narita airport after a tearful goodbye to Jack, Miki and Allan only to find that my plane was not scheduled for 12.30 after all but 15.10. Ooo, I really freaked out. I knew I would now miss my flight to what Maalie would call the Pays de Pastry. There was nothing I could do about it, except feel extreme nausea and suffer one continual panic attack.

The very nice (and rather dishy) SAS steward on board took me under his wing and even cleaned up for me after I had disgraced myself and been sick. He told me that the SAS flight from Narita was 12.30 every day except Tuesday when it was 15.10. Thanks a lot mate. I did just wonder why SAS don't automatically hand out valium from their trolleys as they pass around their rather unpleasant food. It would certainly save a lot of trauma and throwing up over Siberia. Anyway, nice Steward gave me full instructions on what to do in Copenhagen, and I must say the Danes really do efficiency well. I was whisked away to a rather nice hotel, given vouchers for food, taxis etc. and told I was booked in on the 8.15 in the morning. Peter, needless to say, thought it was really very funny being 'be-nighted' in Copenhagen. Joy of joys! Saw a genuine Danish Netto on the way from the Airport!! Didn't like to ask the taxi driver if he could stop so I could see if they have a third aisle like wot we do in Poynton.

The next morning all went well until we were about to taxi away, and the Captain made this rather cute little announcement about there 'being a little light flashing in the cockpit'. He wasn't sure what it meant so he had asked an engineer on board. It will only take a minute he said. Forty minutes later we were herded out of the plane, back into the terminal, onto another plane 'that would be safer' and then hung around until our baggage was re-packed.

Had a really good view of a very rough North Sea and couldn't help thinking what a long way those poor Vikings had to row to do a bit of pillaging.

Lessons learned:
1) ALWAYS check with the airline before setting off for the airport.
2) Take to heart the Wren's advice about travelling light. Never again will I take such a heavy case full of stuff, half of which I didn't use.
3) Don't buy heavy presents.


TCA said...

I fear you would make a rubbish business traveller. My mantra is passports, tickets, currency - if the plane gets delayed or a flight gets missed that only serves to break up the monotony. Panic attack? You really are a big girl's blouse!


lorenzothellama said...

ok, ok, ok. I know. No need to rub it in! You complacent, seasoned, old traveller! This was the longest journey I had done completely alone, and oh, did I feel alone. If it happens again I will remember your mantra, and try to look on it as a monotony breaker. I was sooooo tired though. Alright, I know.
Lorenzo Big Girl

Maalie said...

Sorry my very heavy present caused you so much strife. You shouldn't have. I'll come you collect it on my way down to Leicester in a week or so.

Ann said...

Sorry Jill, couldn't read the blog properly. I think it said 'thank you Ann for the huge expensive case that you lent to me, it was really useful'. That was it, wasn't it? Any time. In fact keep it, it may come in handy for vomitting over, next time.

Love always

lorenzothellama said...

Maalie: will you identify birds for me? Please come any time to collect your very heavy pressie.

Thank you Ann for lending me your huge expensive case. It was really useful but it was over Siberia I had my little accident and not on your huge expensive case. Your huge expensive case was safely tucked away in the hold out of reach of unfortunate incidents of a vomiting nature.

Tortoiseshell said...

Fantastic blog, Lorenzo. Loved the bullet train pics. Belated Happy St David's Day.

Have finally got round to blogging after a week of being too busy...

Includes some new thoughts on faith...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mum,

Hope you have recovered now.
Very well-written blog and the people at work enjoyed the photos too.

Did the Copenhagen hotel have a 'topless maid' service?

Love Jack

Anonymous said...

Sorry, 'topless mermaid'.


lorenzothellama said...

I can't say I noticed a topless maid or mermaid. And I think I probably would. As for the real Little Mermaid, well it was too dark both on the way to the hotel and on the way back, and in any case, it was only a ten minute drive from the airport.
There was a copy of the sculpture at the airport as well as some other rather interesting sculputes. I hadn't seen these on the way over as I was in a different terminal. Unfortunately my camera was in the huge expensive case that Ann so kindly lent me so I couldn't photograph them.
I took the precaution of removing the memory cards from the camera as I figured that they were the only things I couldn't replace should the huge expensive case get lost in transit. Of course, I would then have to replace the huge expensive case with another huge expensive case to give back to Ann.

lorenzothellama said...

Have I thanked you Ann for lending me your huge expensive case?

Ann said...

L - If you don't do another posting soon, I am going to have to get a life of my own.

Ann said...

There is only so much time you can spend playing 'make a word' out of the word verification - which incidently, this time was dyckbmf.

Any ideas?

The second verification was gjarcpb.

lorenzothellama said...

Oh Ann! They are supposed to be annagrams to see who can make the rudest word. I do very much like dyckbmf though.
If I get enough time today I had thought of doing another posting before I disappear to the Wren's tomorrow morning.