Friday, 31 October 2008

Japan Part 1 - Birds and Fishes

It was brilliant to be back in Japan and meet up with Jack, Miki and Allan again. Allan really loves ducks and fishes and Jack and I often popped on the bikes and took him down to a local stream to watch the Coy Carp.

The bike I rode was Miki's old one and not as posh as Jack's, but I loved it and had great fun on it. I still haven't really sussed out the rules and regulations for bike riding in Japan. Bike riders seem to have priority and zip across traffic lights and zebra crossings with gay abandon. You are allowed, nay encouraged, to ride your bike on the pavement and pedestrians just seem to sense you coming and step smartly out of the way. No rear light is needed at night and it is deemed quite acceptable to ride your bike on the wrong side of the road too.

One of the beautiful lakes we visited.

Coy Carp with one of Maalies adored Spot Billed Ducks.

These Carp were enormous. They would certainly feed a multitude. We had to make sure Allan didn't try to catch one.

Jack and I took Allan out in a swan boat.

This little chap was very friendly and circled our boat, popping in and out of the water. Looking for food maybe?

Not sure what this is, but it had an enormous beak.

Wondered whether this was a Pintail?

Perhaps Maalie can identify the bird on the left?

I love these Egrets. Although you can't see it from the photograph, they have black legs and bright yellow feet!

And Allan saying a reluctant goodbye to the ducks with Miki and her mother.


JemimaJemoo said...

What a cutie Allan is. He looks so happy on the front of Jack's bike.

There are loads of Egrets here, there are a couple of tree nearby where they all come to roost at night and make a right racket settling themselves.

I think one of those ducks is a JemimaPuddle.


Maalie said...

The grebe is a Little Grebe, same as ours.

The duck below is a female Shoveler

Yes, I think that is a female Pintail

The "bird on the left" is a juvenile Moorhen (they get everywhere).

The egret is a Little Egret (fine black bill).

Some nice wildlife shots there. I bet those carp would make a nice fish stew.

Kiwi Nomad 2008 said...

I especially love the shot of that fluffy little bird underneath the 'swan'. Gorgeous pictures of those carp too. Looks like you all had fun visiting that lake, though not too sure that those 'cycle rules' sound safe!

Anonymous said...

Photos are lovely. I think you have quite a flair for it. Love all the birdie/duckie shots.

I want to go on a big swan. xx

ann said...

My comment came out as Anonymous. But its me.

The Lone Beader said...

Wow, the fish look so cool! And, I just came up with an idea to make beaded fish like that someday! I need to write that idea down now... Thank you! :D

JemimaJemoo said...

Can you actually eat carp? They do rather look like they would barbeque well.

lorenzothellama said...

Yes, you can eat carp but not many Japanese people do.
Maalie used to catch them occasionally when he was a nipper, but they eat all the crap from the river bottom so they taste a bit muddy.

Elizabeth said...

Such splendid fish and bird pictures!
What a wonderful outing.
Glad to have caught up with your adventures again.
Greetings from New York on Marathon day.
I am NOT running.

Maalie said...

Carp is a delicacy in Romania (I had some when I was there).
It used to be very popular in olden days. Hence fish ponds in the grounds of stately homes etc.

Monks used to like it too as a special treat when the nuns came over to play.

You can get rid of the mudditude by marinading them in salty water overnight, or by seasoning them well.

Have you noticed how the word verification seems to form "words" these days? May be useful for Word Imperfect.

This one: prunal.

lorenzothellama said...

Ah Maalie, the Romanian carp was probably 'gefilte fish' and which is still a great delicacy in Jewish and Kosher families.

verification word: tabolle.

Sounds like some ball game.

Martin Stickland said...

Mmmm crispy duck! Oh, I am a bad man!

How do tut chuck!

I bet Maalie would have liked to have been with you and seeing those ducks.

Just had a bath to warm up, our heating has been busted for over a week now so it is the only thing to keep Jack frost away!

Have a good week my friend!


Ju's little sister said...


The lake, a cool layer of quiet solitude from amongst the throb of life.
It captures the frugal sun and splinters those golden rays to pass them out amongst its friends.
It harbours life in danger and in safety, a place for frost, a place for fish
A place to be still amongst the throes of survival, to see the ravages of time turn green to red in a passing so beautiful to the viewer's eye.
Where birds may eat, dragonflies may eat, fish may eat, where we may eat.
I'll meet you at the lake to lie together, tranquil, alive.

Yes Lorenzo, I am still in Texas and it's slowly draining my will to live. I'm glad I came by here today. I love the picture of the lake - it reminds me of home. /sniff
I've finally posted btw.


Ju's little sister said...

I miss Plumpy so much!

But I will be home for Christmas so it will be okay!


NaNcY said...

your grandson is adorable :-)

Martin Stickland said...

Vote for Roosevelt!

jemimajemoo said...

Do you think that naked man might have been in the lake looking for those things that Ju's little sister wrote so poetically, "a cool layer of quiet solitude from amongst the throb of life" - what a shame he got hampered by all those policemen and giggling onlookers, the throb of life were definitely onto him!

Ted M. Gossard said...

Great pics, Lorenzo. Nice to have that time there with your family.

I wonder what your overall impression was of Japan. Nice for you to see Jack, Miki and Allan. Allan is a happy little guy, sure a cutie.

lorenzothellama said...

jemoo: I think he was actually looking for mud to throw at the people chasing him! In one of the many clips on youtube, you can see him duckdiving and coming with up missiles to chuck! But still, as Jack and I said before, it makes you proud to be British!

Ted: my overall view of Japan is extremely positive. I love being there, and not just because of being with Jack, Miki and Allan. I really enjoy my trips into Tokyo alone trying to work out the intracies of the Tokyo underground and train system!

In fact Ted, I will try to get another posting up today to answer your question properly.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the naked man was looking for coy carp for any number of reasons.
By the way, I ate some carp on Sunday night and it wasn't at all muddy. It reminded me of trout but was flaky like haddock.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't manage a whole one though.

(Sorry, silly family joke).

Maalie is right about the verification words, I've just had spery and frizati.

Kiwi Nomad 2008 said...

My verification word is 'fings'. Does blogger think I have been affected by teaching five year olds and don't 'speak proper' any more?

Carwyn Fowler said...

Beautiful blog. I think Swansea City should take on one of those giant Swans as a mascot. My word verification was "ovati"