Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Miki with Allan and Lorenzo showing off

Been up to Lyme Park this afternoon, as I heard that it had officially opened again, and we wouldn't have to sneak in the back entrance. I thought it wouldn't be closed for long as the National Front oops, sorry Trust, likes to get as much money from visitors as it can from the official car park, the caff in the grounds and tours around Pemberley House. Those in the know park at the West Gate entrance which is not guarded and patrolled by fascist car park attendants.

Due to the unseasonable snow and ice, Darcy's Pool was completely frozen over. I toyed with the idea of sending Badger in to fetch a stick to see if the ice would hold her and also to see whether she could skate, but decided against it in case Peter gets cross should she snuff it by drowning under thick ice. Peter has gone away to Egypt for two weeks to do some diving. Jammy bugger. Ok, ok, so Lorenzo's off to Japan for three weeks, but that's allowed. I need to see Jack, Miki and Allan.

Yesterday I took Badger to the Canal, the woods and the disused railway track. Whilst on the canal she saw off a huge flock of Canada Geese. They landed with large splats on the ice looking annoyed and doing quite a lot of hissing and general feather ruffling. I know Maalie says that geese and ducks do not inter-breed, but there is one goose that has very strange markings. He has a mottled neck and a white head, but is definitely a Canada Goose as he hangs out with them all. If he is not literally a cuckoo in the nest, I'm damn sure he is a Muscovy in the nest. Perhaps Mother Goose put herself about a bit when Father Goose wasn't looking.

Met up with Anni-nonymous in the deli at lunch time, pre dentist appointment. Berky was slightly less bad-tempered. Anni-non claims she is a la di da liberal leftie, but I actually saw her reading THE TIMES. She says she 'bought it by mistake'. A likely tale. Anyway, she gave me the sudoku page after much grovelling.

While Peter is away I have decided to try to get detoxed a bit (apart from drinking the ferociously fierce caffeine in Berky's coffees of course) so have been having loads of fruit, veg, juices etc. etc. but all that has happened is that I am pallid, spotty, have bags under my eyes and am suffering from chronic fatigue. I'll just have to read up what that horrid Scottish, domineering, poo obsessed woman Gillian McKeith says on her website. Notice the 'link'. Had a very long and complex email from His Majesty yesterday with instructions on how to do a link, so just had to put one in today to prove that I can do it.

Off to yoga tonight. Llamas are very flexible. Note photos of Miki and Allan. Aren't they beautiful? I really must learn how to wiggle photos around like everyone else does on their blogs.


Tortoiseshell said...

"...horrid Scottish, domineering, poo obsessed woman Gillian McKeith."


allo allo allo...

While going about my duties, I noticed that you list "Scottish" within a list of negative adjectives. I'm sure you don't really mean this...


Dr Tortoiseshell (BA Hons - *STRATHCLYDE*)

Ann said...

"....palid, spotty, with bags under my eyes..."

You looked pretty good to me, sweetie! Mind you my eyes were slightly strained from reading the old 'footsy'. Actually, you look pretty good, stretching away on those rocks too. Did you learn that from the Dial-a-Lama?

Yes, baby is very, very gorgeous.

lorenzothellama said...

Of course Scottish isn't a negative adjective. I have a very dear Scottish friend called Wils that I love very much. It's just that woman McKeith is so hectoring and irritible it puts people off eating lentils. I even have a comment from McDuff a few posts back.

Look Ann, The only time you took your eyes of The Times was when Berky got amorous with the spoon, so I'm sure you weren't counting my spots, mentally noting how knackered I am, or thinking 'what a pale, washed out old hag she is'.

lorenzothellama said...

Oh whoops, my link didn't work. Just tried clicking on and I got some rubbish about that page not existing. I'll have to try harder next time, but at least I did get a blue bit.

Maalie said...

Interesting post, nice pictures. In the link, I think you might have made a typo in the address bit between the inverted commas, the rest looks fine.

Nice to see a bit of real winter at last. Good for the things that have an obligatory diapause.

Maalie said...

Yes, found it. After your final slash in the address (just before the second inverted commas), replace index.html with gillian.html.

That should sort it (you can go back via your dashboard and edit it).

Maalie said...

Last two piccies, I might submit them to my UK-WeatherWorld forum as a nice example of stratocumulus.

Estelle des Chevaliers said...

Nice mother and child ;-)

Life of Brian, isn't that one the with 'Bright side of Life'? I saw it some years ago, don't remember much about it I'm afraid.

lorenzothellama said...

Estelle, surely you remember Biggus Dickus and Sillius Soddus and Pontius Pilot who couldn't pronounce his 'Rs', and talked about his friend Biggus Dickus who ranks very highly in Rome?

Glad you liked the post Maalie. I had half expected you to comment on my rogue goose and tell me he is a juvenile or in eclipse or somesuch.

lorenzothellama said...

Maalie: I have been fiddling about with the link address and I think I have got it now, but it still won't get onto that McKeith woman's page. Any other ideas?

Ann said...

L- Who could forget? I should think ranking highly in Rome can be a nightmare if you can't pronounce your r's!

p.s. word has got out about E's pending visit to the deli. Apparently the men have stampeded the co-op for bubble-bath and mulled wine,the woman are refusing to take the coal out of the tin baths and all the ducks have been shot - chaos!

sorry - couldn't resist.

lorenzothellama said...

Every bottle of bubble bath in Poynton has now been sold although there may be an odd bottle left in the Pound Shop, but I wouldn't trust that too much as I think they make it themselves out of Ajax powder, Fairy Liquid, bleach and Coty L'Aimant. You can get a good froth with it though and it is wonderful for cleaning those little burnty bits on pyrex.

Also there appears to be empty shelves where once stood rows of massage oil, talcum powder, and vaseline.

Big Dick has found out you are coming to town and has offered to show you the sights, but he hasn't said which sights he means. Please Estelle, keep away from Cheeky Norman. I know you are woman enough to handle him but I don't think he would survive if you went into his shops and started messing about with his parsnips.

Ann said...

Lorenzo - stop that! I havn't laughed so much since Richard proposed (until I realised he was serious).

Estelle, if all these rough 'Poynton' men get too much for you, we could all hide in the local beauty parlour. They do a free shampoo and set with every leg-wax (it gives them something to do whilst the candles are melting over the coal-fire). If you time your visit right, we will have a new 'sun-bed'. The owner has picked it up cheap from Chernoble - something about it failing health and safety standards - so that will be nice. Estelle, you havn't mentioned your age, but over 60's are half price on a Wednesday.

Infact we will be quite safe to wander around the village until 'knocking off' time at the pit. After that, it is every woman for themselves I'm afraid.

Estelle des Chevaliers said...

No problem with the bubble bath. I'll bathe in Darcy's pond. Naked. At dawn.

Ann said...

Estelle - good move. All the men will be down the pit at dawn.

lorenzothellama said...

If you bathe in Darcy's Pool remember to take an ice-axe with you as you will have to break through to get in. Please don't take the Pound Shop's bubble bath with you, as it has been known to kill fish.

Don't be silly Ann. The sun bed came from off a skip. Poynton folk really believe in re-cycling. Some of my best furniture came from skips, fly tipping and the Ammeniety Site.

AND don't knock the beauty shop. They are very hot on hygiene there. If you are a regular customer they always change the razor blade before they shave you and they collect their own mud for the facials from Macclesfield Canal. I have often wondered though, why you are not allowed to be a blood donar if you tell them you use that particular beauty parlour.

Ann said...

Has anyone heard the latest from the Coal-Pit? Apparently there is going to be a 1-day mass walk out in protest over the new wage settlement.

In actual fact, there isn't a new wage settlement, nor has there been, since decimalisation. The men just want the day off to see the naked bathing in Lymme Park.

Silly buggers.

Anonymous said...

If all this de-toxong is leaving you fatigued and spotty with bags under your eyes, may i suggest a visit to your local health food shop!! (where all the best looking llamas hang out)
Where I'm sure those fab folks there can find a remedy for the down side of de-toxing!
I'd suggest a bottle of 'flowery dick' what do you think?
Catcha soon

Mad Moggie

Mad Moggie said...

Mad moggie here again didn't mean to hit the annoymous button! hey ho us moggies aren't as smart as you llamas, will try better this time to remember me name!!!!

meow for now

lorenzothellama said...

Dear Moggie,
If you had been paying attention this afternoon you would have spotted a bottle of flowerydick in my shopping basket! I do keep wondering what 'slippery elm and senna' do for you though.

seph said...

Is there any particular time you're not "detoxing" silly bugger

lorenzothellama said...

Thank you Seph for your comments. I do my best!